Bike Wedding!

The wedding is only a month away so I’m working on incorporating more bikes elements!

We both love riding our bikes around town together so I really wanted to add some bike flair to the decor. We have almost no decor though, so it’s going to be HEAVY on bikes, which is perfect!

I found a couple selling some chalkboard signs on Craigslist that I bought to show the guests where the reception site is. I was nervous about hand lettering but I like the way it turned out. I cleaned off their old chalk with a magic eraser and used a chalkboard marker to draw on our info! It only took a few tries and it was easy to just wipe it and start over.

Of course I had to add something bike related so I drew two bikes at the bottom with the front wheels kissing. My bike is obviously the more fashionable of the two with its practical basket of flowers!

How else can I incorporate bikes?

A cake topper! We searched high and low for a bike cake topper and finally found one on Esty! It’s made from one continuous piece of wire and they put our front names in the front tire. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it on the cake! Bonus – it stands up on its own so we can keep it on our bookshelf forever.

Our new sign!
Our new sign!

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