Pretty in Pink. Or Blue. Or Yellow. Or Green!

Do you ever have a bike you just DROOL over? Like wow, that bike looks so awesome and I can’t wait to ride it DROOL? Like how many colors does in come in DROOL?

Yep. That’s how I feel about the Linus Dutchi. Upright. Step through. 3-8 speeds. Rack and fenders included. Kickstand. All it needs is the wicker basket add-on and it’s complete!

And the colors. SO. MANY. COLORS. I love it!

This weekend I rode over to BicycleSpace and test rode it around the block a few times. I tried out the 3-speed in both medium and small. Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of the size range so neither felt PERFECT. I think I’d lean toward the smaller size, but I’d want to try them both again before making a decision.

I don’t need a new bike, but N+1, am I right? N+1 is a favorite saying among my bikey friends: where N is the number of bikes you have, and 1 is how many more you need!

Are there any bikes you’re dreaming of?

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