New Bike Day!

Ahh! New Bike Day! The best kind of day.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new bike recently. While I love my Yuba, I wanted something smaller and lighter for short weekend rides.

Qualities I was looking for:

  • Light weight (HA!) – under 35 lbs so I can carry it up the stairs from the bike room by myself
  • Step-through frame
  • Basket or rear rack
  • Upright styling
  • Fenders
  • 3-8 gears

What did I end up with? A Creme Molly!

So yellow and shiny!
So yellow and shiny!

Creme is a European brand that’s new to the market. Their bikes are made in Poland and they have so much detail! The paint is smooth and creamy (and maybe a wee bit too much paint over the serial number). It feels like they really put a lot of thought into the comfort of their riders.

I was surprised how much I love the seat! When I tried the Linus Dutchi I noticed that the seat was too full, causing my butt to slide off awkwardly. Not so here! I also like a thinner nose on the seat so it doesn’t rub on my inner thighs. The grips are super soft and comfy too.

She comes fully equipped with (battery operated) lights, a kickstand, platform pedals, matching fenders, and a cute wicker basket (removable and with a handle). She also has mounting points for a rear rack but I decided against that here since I’m looking to do more casual riding.

The Molly has a front drum and rear coaster brakes. It’s taken a bit to get used to the coasters because I always pedal backwards to get back to my power position (left foot up) when I stop at lights. With the coaster brakes you can’t free pedal backwards. I got stuck a few times with my right pedal up but I think I’ll adapt after a few rides.

It has internal gearing (which I know nothing about) and a full chain guard. I love the low maintenance aspect of it. I also like the look of the brake cable covers. They’re light in color, so a nice change from your basic black, keeping the bike light and fun.

Overall I’m super happy with my purchase! I’ll add to my review once I have a chance to ride her more!

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