Review: Ibex Boucle Cap

I cut off all of my hair! IMG_2944

I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet so I’m really happy that I purchased a hat just in case I didn’t like it! I bought the Boucle Cap from Ibex in kholrabi heather, a medium purple color.


How did the hat perform?

  • Good fit – I ordered a medium and was worried it would be too big when it arrived – my hats always blow off my head while riding, but this stayed on even with significant wind gusts and steep descents
  • Cute little button accessory
  • Comfortable lining – nice and soft
  • Water resistant – kept my head dry in light and misty rain
  • Dried quickly while hanging
  • Limited hat hair – I actually liked my hair more when I took it off!

I can’t think of anything I would change right now!

Cost: $50

Value: if it makes me feel better about my lack of hair it’s priceless!

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