Review: Cleverhood Rain Cape

What do you wear when it’s cold and wet?

It hasn’t rained in months here in DC. It’s been 90 and humid enough to feel like rain, but we’ve had very little rain this summer.

So imagine my surprise when it’s cold and raining this week. The temperature dropped by 30 degrees or so (from 80 to 50) and the rain came pelting down.

I’ve been wearing a rain cape from REI but it has a serious limitation: it’s too short! Ideally a rain cape is long enough to have a thumb loop, allowing you to drape the end of the cape over the handlebars, keeping the rain off of your lap. The REI cape, however, sits on my lap, mid thigh, meaning I can really only wear skirts and light tights without worrying about having soaking wet legs.

So when I found out that Cleverhood was having a Joaquin sale, I ordered two: one of Mike and one for me. They came just in time! We wore them all day in both rainy and windy conditions.

Here’s Mike testing out the reflective properties of the electric hounds tooth:


So how did it perform?

  • Plenty long enough to drape over my handle bars
  • Arm holes are convenient and easy to use with their magnetic closures
  • Velcro tabs for slimming, but these aren’t so great for riding since they tend to come undone with movement
  • HYPER reflective – everyone will see you
  • Hood is adjustable, but it wasn’t quite working for me – I was wearing lipstick that I didn’t want to smudge so I didn’t zip it up fully, which I think was causing it to slip off my head
  • Thumb loops are well placed and help keep the front from blowing back at you

If I could change one thing: add hem weights around the bottom! This would keep the cape from acting too much like a sail in high winds.

These capes are quite pricey but the construction seems solid – an item to keep for a long time. I’d say these are worth the price and provide a good value if you live in rainy conditions.

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