Review: Ibex Juliet Mitten

Fall is upon us!

As we move into this chilly and windy season I decided to add some fall pieces to my collection. I have quite a bit of winter gear but I always struggle in the spring and fall to find those mid-weight pieces.

When I ride my hands get REALLY cold. Even at 50-60 degrees I find that my fingers get numb, especially on those lovely downhills. I’ve tried wearing a pair of old running gloves but found them too thin. It’s almost as if they made my hands more cold than if I wore nothing at all. My winter mittens, nondescript black gloves, are far too warm, making my hands sweat above 35 degrees.

I decided to give Ibex mittens a try. I love all of my other Ibex pieces, so I figured it would be a pretty safe bet.

The Juliet Mittens are sized wool mittens with leather palms:


Here’s how they performed:

  • Warm but not warm enough to make my hands sweat (55 degrees, cloudy, windy)
  • Water resistant – worn in light rain and mist with gusty winds, the outside was wet while the inside stayed dry
  • Leather palms provided good grip and kept the thumb and palms dry
  • Flexible and functional allowing my fingers to move inside
  • Easy on & off – no snagging on rings or knuckles
  • No odor when wet
  • Dried quickly while laid flat

The one thing I would change about these mittens: add a little hook to hold them together.

Price: $60.00

Value: time will tell, but these look well made an durable

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