Bike Your Art!

Bike your art around!

Woo! Today I rode my bike around with a ton of art while bringing it to various venues to show (and never took a picture, alas)! What did I carry on my Yuba Boda?

  • 3 18×24 framed pieces
  • 4 8×10 framed pieces
  • 2 5×7 framed pieces
  • 1 11×14 framed piece
  • 1 16×20 framed piece
  • 1 36×48 portfolio board

All pieces (except the portfolio board) had glass and wire, ready to hang. All made it their venue in one piece!

I’m currently showing at 2 different venues and having several pieces professionally photographed so I can turn the images into printed cards!

I have 6 pieces for show at the Holiday Inn Ballston and 2 pieces for show at Cassat’s Cafe and Gallery in Cherrydale.

Floral Joy is at Cassat’s until 1/17 for $120 (11×14 framed)


Carefree Cruising is at Holiday Inn Ballston until 1/17 for $60 (5×7 framed)



Wedded Bliss is not for sale but I love the way it turned out!


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