Seasonal Bike Decor

I love to decorate my bike. I think its such a fun way to dress her up for the season! We live in a tiny apartment I like to use all of my creative decorating energy on Bikey!

For Halloween I went spooky with the big skull and tiny little skeletons (you can see their legs dangling).


For Thanksgiving (womp on picture taking) I swapped out the skull for a pumpkin that said “THANKS”. I also ditched the little skeleton garland, but kept the fall leaves.

Holiday time meant adding tinsel and jingle bells! You can’t see them here,  but I kept the fun lights (they’re actually little flowers) under the tinsel which gave off an awesome glow at night. As an added bonus, the bells festively alerted people walking to my presence!


I know it’s already February but I just updated for spring yesterday. I went with floral branches wrapping around the sides with some pink peonies in front and orange ranunculus on the sides. I secured it all with zip ties but kept it messy so it looks more natural.


I also raised my handlebars an inch (!!!) and I love it!

Do you decorate your bike for the seasons?

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