ArtFest via Bicycle

How do you transport your art to an upcoming show? By bike of course!

On Friday I had to take some artwork over to a new show right off the Custis trail. Perfect for biking!

I have 5 pieces on display. They’re all framed and behind glass:

  1.  The Arrangement 16×20
  2.  Floral City 11×14
  3. Indigo Bunting 8×10 (sold)
  4. Scarlet Tanager 8×10 (sold)
  5. Latte Love 8×10

I also had 3 table top easels and 7 boxes of cards.

Everything arrived safe and sound! I hung it all up & then helped to check-in the other artists. It was so fun getting a preview of the show!

I was feeling fancy so I headed over to Clarendon for a blowout! It was super windy but my hair managed to stay lovely for 8 hours & 3 bike rides!

The show hangs until Friday so head over and check it out! I already sold 2 pieces – but don’t worry I replaced them so there’s still plenty of options!

Location: the beautiful & historic Hendry House, 2411 24th St N, Arlington, VA




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