Ready to go cargo?

Are you ready to save THOUSANDS of dollars by swapping out your car for a cargo bike?

If you’re ready to take the plunge & get a Yuba of your very own I’ve got a code for you! Use the code shown below when you purchase your new bike & get $100 off accessories!

I’d personally recommend the bread basket as my top accessory! It’s my go to for tossing in items mid-ride & it’s HUGE. I always get plenty of compliments on my choice of basket! My other must-have is the double kickstand – perfect for large, uneven loads!

Not sure you’re quite ready to pull the trigger? Here’s a link to my review of my eBoda. If you’re a part of #bikedc keep your eye out for my floral basket & give me a shout during one of the many events of bike month!


*This is an affiliate program & I am compensated if you use my code. This doesn’t change the price of the goods you receive (before discount). You must use the code at the time of bike purchase (purchasing accessories & bike at the same time).

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