My First Ride!

Back on the bike! I’ve been longing for the freedom biking gives me & this weekend I finally got a taste!

On Sunday we pulled out Creme for a quick spin around the block. I immediately noticed a wonkiness about her, and despite headset adjustments, we weren’t able to fix it. We walked her over the our local bike shop & got some bad news: the drop-out was bent.

We shipped our bikes here using bikeflights, but I would NOT recommend shipping with them if you have other choices. All 3 boxes sustained significant damage & so far 2/3 bikes needed significant repairs. They did refund the shipping costs, and these have pretty much cover the cost of repairs.

Shop guy said the bike was safe to ride since it wasn’t bent due to a crash, but that I could go over to R+E to see if they’d be able to bend it back into place. I’m opting not to fix it for now & I’m sure I’ll just adjust to the new wonkiness over time & then probably never fix it (shhh).

After getting her checked out, we hit up Trader Joes & Safeway for groceries & I decided to ride back from Safeway. It’s a short ride – only 4 blocks, but it’s downhill so I figured it would be a good test run! It also let me carry our groceries and our new plant home!

I beat Mike home & then I did a few laps back & forth on our street while I waited. He must’ve been walking very slowly because I got tired of waiting & decided to loop down one more block and come back up the hill behind our building.

The uphill block was harder than I expected but it was pain free! A guy who lives in our building was super impressed with my bike (because she’s BEAUTIFUL DUH) and so we chatted about that for a few minutes. I must admit, I was a bit embarrassed about how out of breath I was after only a short ride!

I noticed some soreness on my sits-bones, but I was sitting very far back on the seat to avoid any compression of my lady-bits so I’m sure this contributed to the issue.

Do any of you have cut out saddles? My doctor recommended some but they all look so ugly (& let’s be honest, that’s what really matters) & too sporty for my bikes so I haven’t purchased one.

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