Tooling Around on the BGT

On Tuesday we tooled around our new neighborhood. I wanted to go for a short ride – under 3 miles & never be too far away from home at any one point so that if pain did set in I would be able to get home quickly.

We started by heading down the newly re-opened section of the Burke Gilman Trail on campus. It’s nice & wide and I love that is has a raised sidewalk on one side so that everyone has a safe space to share.

I don’t love the crosswalk just before campus, at 15th NE & the BGT, just north of NE Pacific. It’s a wide road with many buses that turn right across the trail during the same light cycle as users crossing. Instead, I would like to see a separate cycle for turning here to prevent conflict while still allowing busses & trolleys to turn up the street.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.57.11 PM

We rode around down the trail just past the light rail station & then turned back. I noticed several stairways that cross the trail & I imagine there will be significant conflict during periods of heavy use. The stairs connect campus to a large number of bus stops along NE Pacific.

We kept heading west to the Wall of Death sculpture, took a few photos, and then headed back along NE 40th. I love that this is a one-way for drivers but is two way for people riding bikes. It’s hard to see but there is a dashed yellow stripe on the right side.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 7.04.01 PM

That lead us to our only real up-hill section of the ride, 5 blocks with 92 feet of gain. This may not seem like a lot but MAN it was hard. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 2 full weeks on bed rest & then the next 6 weeks walking very slowly.

Overall it’s a pretty boring section of trail. I typically don’t like trails because I find them to be incredibly BORING. Not too much to see on this portion of trail but I did like the width & surface of the trail.

We ended up riding 4 miles, which was surprising, especially to my husband who thought we only rode 2 miles. I noticed a bit more discomfort after this ride, but not too much, and certainly less than I thought I would.

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