Feeling Trapped

I’ve been feeling quite trapped lately. Ever since my surgery I’ve had limited mobility & I’ve been feeling down about it.

We currently live in a large studio and my husband works from home so not being able to escape during the day has me going a bit stir crazy. Since arriving I’ve walked all around our neighborhood & I think I can say I’ve been in 95% of the stores in a 5 block radius. Plus, there’s only so much window shopping one can reasonably do!

Thursdays are usually quite fun because I get to go to #coffeeoutsideforher organized by the fabulous Madi from FamilyRide! She was out of town this week but I headed over to Gas Works Park anyways to see if anyone else would show up. There was a wedding going on at the usual spot & I didn’t see anyone I recognized so I didn’t stay too long.

After I polished off my ice coffee I decided to take a ride down the BGT in a direction I’ve never been before! I rode west through Fremont to Ballard. Fremont has a very active trail scene, something I really love! There are coffee shops right up on the trail, stores, and fun looking benches filled with people eating lunch. Good amount of shade here too.

Ballard is a bit less active, more industrial with a large number of intersections. Not very shady further west. I wore my big floppy hat to prevent another sunburn.

Side note: It hasn’t rained since we’ve been here! It’s been too sunny! I know I’ll probably complain about the rain this winter but MAN has it been sunny. I’ve had two sun burns since arriving & one was pretty bad. This isn’t saying much of course, I burned in DC on October 31 one year so…

I rode out to the end of the trail & then headed back for a total of about 8 miles. Felt good until I got to the last 5 blocks of uphill by my apartment where I got off & walked the rest of the way

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