Impromptu Adventure Sunday

On Sunday we took an impromptu adventure! We started out by heading over to Warby Parker in Fremont to see about replacing my lost sunglasses. I was happy that it was overcast at the start seeing as how I now lack retina protection.

I wore some capri leggings and a t-shirt with a light vest & my heeled Keens. I was definitely chilly on the way downhill to the trail & I was wishing I had my flannel instead of my vest.

We hoped off the BGT at Stone Way & rode along 34th for a few blocks to Fremont. The brewery was already packed at noon, the bike racks almost full! After Warby Parker we decided to walk over to the Fremont Sunday market & look around at all of the booths.

After the market we considered popping back onto the trail to keep going west but decided to head over the Fremont bridge & along Lake Union instead. At the end of the trail we saw a sign for the Ship Canal Trail & followed it until it ended in a poorly paved parking lot. We kept going here, hoping to run into the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop & we did! It was newly paved & had a separate space for people walking. The spaces were nicely delineated with asphalt for bikes & concrete for people walking. A portion of the trail was still being repaved, routing us through a narrow parking lot. It would probably suck if they were actually working, as their were a lot of large construction vehicles taking up most of the detour.

Some of the paint here is so sparkly that I thought it was broken glass! But yay! It’s not!

By the time we got to Lake Union Park it had definitely warmed up & the sun had come out. I started to regret the capris. They don’t breathe at all & soak up all of the heat, trapping it close to my body. I also wished I had brought along some water & I was missing my sunglasses hard core. The park suffered from a severe lack of shade & I wasn’t a fan of all the gravel by the splash pad. Seemed like a poor choice of material.

The trail got confusing here & we thought we were just riding on the sidewalk until we saw another sign for it. Arrows would be helpful here; it would’ve prevented us from zig-zagging back and forth across the streetcar tracks.

Google Maps wanted us to ride along Fairview & turn left on Eastlake to head over University Bridge, but we stayed on the trail. We got lost again at Eastlake but luckily we saw some other people riding & followed them to find a sign for the bridge. The trail runs along a neighborhood street for several blocks here & it’s in desperate need of repaving.

We walked up the hill to Eastlake & then rode along here to the bridge. I think it’s a prime location for a protected lane in what is currently an extra-wide parking lane. This is especially important as a connection to the trail.

University bridge starts out great going north – it’s a fully protected bike lane & it’s newly repaved. I don’t like the concrete section with metal inlay. It seems like it would be very slippery & would freeze during winter. Is there any specific reason for the grates?

The other half of the bridge is not so great. While the pavement is nice & the lane is wide, traffic is moving quite fast & the lane merges with traffic where cars cross over the bike lane to turn right. There’s not currently any paint/arrows alerting drivers to the bike cross-traffic & I felt uncomfortable going straight here. I hope they add some green paint at least. In the future I think I’ll just get off the bridge here & then turn left onto Lincoln (instead of turning right onto NE Campus Parkway).

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 3.13.14 PM
via Google Maps (from pre-repaving)

I dismounted at Brooklyn & 41st in order to walk the remaining uphill blocks. I even managed to do the walking dismount I’ve been too afraid to try! Mike was like “HEY! YOU DID IT!” And I wasn’t even trying! I think it was because the curb was pedal height so I was able to just step through the frame & onto the curb. Yay!

Total miles: 8.5

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