You know when you pedal your bike & it makes a horrible sound & feels like you’re making a square pedaling motion? YOU SHOULD NOT KNOW THAT FEELING.

Seriously. Take your bike to the shop.

I had planned to head to Whole Foods Monday morning but I didn’t get to the end of my block before I thought Yuba was about to fall to pieces under me. I quickly turned downhill & tried to coast along without pedaling.

I made it down the hill to Recycled Cycles without too much grinding but with every grind my body shuddered, thinking about the potential damage that was being done. Someone helped me up the 3 small steps into the shop but it threw me off as I usually carry the bike on my right hip & I was on the other side. I ended up taking a nice chunk out of my foot on the way in the door.

The tech took a look at the derailleur, made a few adjustments & took it for a test ride. He said he didn’t hear anything so I said I’d come back if the issue continued.

So I headed back up the hill, riding up Brooklyn to the Ave to turn left on Ravenna & then right onto 12th. I was using quite a bit of assist but I figured that it was just my out-of-shapeness.

I picked up a few things at Whole Foods & then decided to head to Trader Joes for my remaining shopping. I turned left onto Roosevelt to ride in the beautiful new protected lane! It’s amazing! So wide! So smooth! Such nice intersections!


The lane sports these lovely floating transit islands where the bike lane is raised up & the bus shelter sits along the street. The islands each have 1 nice bike rack, but they’re only half useable because they’re placed too close to the bike lane to lock up on both sides. I suppose you could if you really needed to, but it would block part of the lane. Lots of leaves in this photo, so it’s a potential debris zone that will need to be cleared regularly.


After Trader Joes I made a box turn to 45th to head back home when SMASH SMASH CRUNCH CRUNCH started happening again. I bailed downhill onto 12th to head back to Recycled Cycles.

It was quite busy when I arrived & I was tempted to eat a handful of cilantro (I WAS HUNGRY) as I waited. As the mechanic looked Yuba over again I had Mike come down to grab the groceries. I had a feeling that the issue wasn’t a quick fix & didn’t want to lug everything back uphill.

Despite my fear of a major issue, she had good news! I had worn out 1 ring on my cassette so the problem was only when I was in 5th gear. It makes sense as this is my favorite gear & the one I ride in most frequently. I decided to replace it & had to leave Yuba overnight.

I crankily trudged back up the hill grumbling about all of the recent replacements & fixes on this bike. I guess I should expect it now with ~3,000 but they always say “when it rains, it pours”.

I picked up Yuba on Tuesday morning & I’m so glad that I made the decision to swap it out because OHMGEE SHE RIDES LIKE BUTTA! No joke! It felt like new bike day!

It turns out that I was using extra assist to compensate for the blockiness feeling of pedaling. So excited to ride more later this week!

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