Lopsided Loads

Friday we planned to take the dogs over to Magnuson Park & stop off at Mud Bay in University Village on the way back.

We decided against the dog park with all of the rain since we had just cleaned the house. I’d like to check it out though, so we’ll have to look for a sunnier day.

In the end Mike & I ended up riding over to University Village without the pups. The ride there is mostly downhill & I love that E Stevens Way is a no-passing zone through campus. I love when we can ride next to each other but people can get really nasty about riding two-abreast on the incorrect assumption that it’s easier/faster to pass multiple single-file riders. We bombed down Pend Orielle which was awesome. I love fast downhills. Also racing Mike because I almost always win!

We got to the bike racks in front of the Tiffanys just in time! It started pouring as we were locking up so we took refuge under an awning. We walked around a bit before unlocking & riding over to Mud Bay. It’s not located in the U Village plaza so we rode on the sidewalk of 25th to get there. Of course someone driving an SUV almost plowed into us as we turned up the driveway to the store. It’s a really steep entrance & we both lost momentum & had to hop off & walk up the hill.

As we loaded the 45lb bag of dog food onto my bike it started pouring so we waited for a break in the rain before leaving. I was standing on the right side of Yuba when I put the kickstand down but I should’ve been on the left, where the weight was so I could rest it on my hip. I dropped the bike onto my leg & now I have a lovely welt on my shin.

Mike popped the chain back on & we rode back down the sidewalk to cross 25th at Pend Orielle. We hopped on the trail here & then cut through campus to get back home. Uphill was not as fun. Who would’ve guessed?

It would’ve been much easier to ride with the load if it had been centered or equally weighted. Unfortunately we don’t have any bungee cords right now, otherwise I would’ve strapped it across the rear rack. I could’ve put it in the basket (50lb weigh limit) but steering gets wonky above 35lbs. Oh well, we made it home with only 1 bruise so alls well that ends well!

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