Biking with someone who doesn’t bike

Last week my Dad was in town visiting. He doesn’t bike. But I never let a little challenge like that stop me…

On Monday I took him biking around Green Lake Park, showing him the lovely lanes along Ravenna & the trail around the lake.

It was cold while he was visiting, almost cold enough to want a hat covering my ears while riding. My ears seem to get so chilly but I don’t have a good ear warmer. I’ll have to invest.

On Thursday I dragged him to #coffeeoutsideforher despite the fact he doesn’t drink coffee (again, I enjoy a challenge). We got there early & biked up to the top of Kite Hill for the amazing views. Coffee club was super popular this week! We even met a tourist from NYC who was riding by on a rental bike.

We left coffee & popped over to the Theo Chocolate factory for a tour & bought quite a bit of chocolate. It turns out that Sally from Frill Ride, the woman who made my bicycle skirt guard was on the tour too! She noticed my bike outside & left us a note! So nice!

After the tour we headed up to the Troll & then backtracked over to Lenin. We headed back down the hill by Waiting for the Interurban & then rode to Fremont Brewery. My dad had the Summer Ale & I tried the Boat Kolsch. I thought the Summer smelled like BO but the Kolsch was great!


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