A Secret Affair

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. Absolutely beautiful.

And I had a secret errand to run. Actually, let’s rewind. Don’t worry. Mike doesn’t read my blog because his work classifies it as pornography (thanks US government).

Last Wednesday I took an art class. Except it wasn’t the nude drawing class I told Mike it was. It was a different kind of art class. The stripping kind. It was a burlesque class! And it was SO MUCH FUN. I was worried that I would be intimidated but NO! I’d recommend it to anyone (man or woman) who is looking to gain body confidence. There’s nothing better than stripping out of an ugly vintage nighty to make you feel AWESOME. This is not a joke.

So now back to my errand! I rode to Fremont to pick up some red fabric. In the How to Strip for your Lover class we learned that red fabric draped over lamps makes for nice mood lighting. So I was on the hunt. Actually I wasn’t really hunting, as I’ve previously ridden by District Fabric & was pretty positive they would have what I needed. But it sounds good so I’ll just leave it there for you.

Since it was Sunday I locked up at the market to take a look around. I noticed signs that said it was a protected bike lane there on 35th but I didn’t see any protection. There was a painted buffer but that’s it. Does anyone know? Do they take it out for the market?

While I was at the market I saw a booth with these super awesome hats for babies that look like nipples & are amazing. Pregnant friends, you know what you’re getting for your baby showers, wish lists be damned.

I walked the 2 blocks to the fabric store because I don’t see the point in riding UP HILL for such a short distance & going through the hassle of locking up only to ride right back down again. Actually riding down sounds fun. Next time.

On my way home I made it up an extra block for the first time ever! Which means I only had to walk one block! Granted, I did get a break at Campus Parkway with the long red light so I could catch my breath. Then I almost got hit by a woman making an illegal u-turn. But another driver honked at her & pointed to me so at least SOMEONE was paying attention. I saw her doing something weird so I had already slowed down (JK no I was riding up hill & that’s just my pace). Win some, lose some I guess.


 Today I head to Vancouver for Pro-Bike/Pro-Walk/Pro-Place. Let me know if you’re going! I’ll have the cute polka-dot shoes! 

Also, shop local. This store is super cute.

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