Bike-Train-Bike: Vancouver Edition

Canada here I come!

I got on the road early on Monday. I’m not a morning person. I am a snooze person. But I hit snooze too many times & was in a bit of a rush to get out the door. 

I rode over to campus to catch the light rail. Mt. Rainier was amazing this morning! My photo wouldn’t have done it justice/I was in a rush but WOW!

 I can’t hang my bike for several reasons:

  1. It’s heavy & Im 5’1 & I can’t lift it over my head like that
  2. It has a large front basket made of wicker that won’t work with the hooks
  3. I don’t want to take all of my stuff off & my paniers don’t have zippers
  4. It looks hard & I don’t want to do it

So I stuck the front wheel into the bike area & stood alongside the back of the bike. The 7:05 train wasn’t busy so it wasn’t an issue. 

I didn’t realize that you can’t get to the Amtrak station directly from the transit tunnel. This is important. This should be fixed. 

So I only had about 20 minutes until departure so I put my bike in the elevator & headed up, rode it around the block, went down the elevator, and rode it up to the station doors. I made it! Phew! No really, I forgot deodorant in my mad dash & the people behind me were probably saying that. 

Loading onto the train was quick & easy. After I got my seat assignment I walked my bike down to the baggage car, popped off my paniers & handed her to the attendant. I was a bit worried but it was out of my hands & the train was leaving so I hurried to my seat. 

The ride was beautiful! We spent most of our trip along the coast with a lovely view of birds & otters. Better than any plane I’ve ever been on. 

When we arrived at the station the bikes were lined up on the platform leaning against a pole. I popped my bags back on & walked through customs. After exchanging some cash I wheeled my bike into the bathroom as one does when one is lazy. 

I set off on my journey to my hostel! I’m staying a few blocks from the conference because grad school budget & I had saved screenshots of my route. 

The ride along the water was amazing! I thought I was in Amsterdam! And then I made a wrong turn.

wide, well defined path
public art & wayfinding signs!

I’m staying on Granville St but followed the signs for Granville Island. Eventually I stopped a woman & asked for directions & she pointed me back the other way. But I was on top of a hill & didn’t want to ride down without being sure I was supposed to be at the bottom! So I stood outside a Starbucks & checked google while using the free wifi. 
I turned onto this street because of the bike on the street sign but I was close passed several times & people parallel parking kept blocking the street

I needed to cross the burrard bridge. I asked a woman on a bike where the bridge was (I have NO sense of direction) & she pointed out the way but not before warning me about turning drivers who she said can be quite aggressive. And they were! Not one block later before someone tried to swerve into me! Yay!

But I made it over the bridge & turned onto a street with a nice protected bike lane! It made all of the difference! Otherwise I wouldn’t have ridden up the hill because I was pretty tired by this point.

After a few blocks I turned into Granville. I made it! I made it! Woo! 

I’m at the conference in my polka dot shoes. I’m a natural introvert so events like these can be pretty overwhelming for me but please say hi! I’m not grumpy. That’s just my resting bitch face. 

I didn’t bring my laptop so I’m typing on my phone. Excuse the typos. 

#walkbikeplaces #placemakingweek

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