Bikes & Boats

Woo! I’m at Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike/Pro-Place in Vancouver this week learning about place making & planning from people doing amazingly creative things in their communities!

Yesterday I put out some feelers on Twitter to see if anyone was interested in a bike ride after our sessions. Stephanie from DC & Chris from NJ took the bait! Little did they know I’m horrible at directions & perpetually lost. Fools!

We headed down Hornby with Stephanie on a Mobi, Chris on a rental bike, and I was on Creme. Our goal was Grandville market & they were closing in an hour. One woman gave us directions about taking a boat but when we asked someone else she said we would be able to bike there in only 20 minutes. But we should’ve known that her time estimate was unrealistic based on her outfit (full kit & road bike). After about 10 minutes of riding we saw a sign for the Aquaboat & I relinquished my guiding to Chris. 

We hurried down the dock & hopped on a ferry to Grandville Island. It was a pretty small boat but bikes are allowed & it was easy to bring them along. They’re a private company & don’t take transit passes. Cost: can$4.50. 

Once we arrived on the island we hurried to lock up & head into the market. Everyone was starting to pack up but we were able to walk around & to buy end of day donuts!  We grabbed dinner on the water along False Creek & I ordered the poutine! So Canadian. 

After dinner we bikes along the seawalk to Olympic Park where Dero, a bike parking solution company, was holding a social. 

At the social we chatted with more people from the conference about the difference between US & Canadian politics & attitudes. It’s always interesting seeing an international perspective on local & national issues. 

After the social we biked back along the northern side of the seawalk & got to see fireworks & colorful lights along many of the buildings. I’m horrible at night photography with my iPhone so I’ll let you google it. The path was relatively well light but I still used my big light. It’s a beautiful trail that is lined by parks & playgrounds. There are shops & restaurants & even at 10pm it still felt like a very active space. Both Seattle & DC can learn from this activation of waterfront space. 

We rode back up the Hornby lanes & I was so excited that I was able to ride uphill! And a large hill at that! There’s a Moby dock by the hotel so I left Stephanie & Chris there & headed down the block to my hostel. 

I’m going to write up something about the bike parking at the hostel once I’m no longer locking up there. I don’t like to write about my locking locations for fear that someone will read about it & then exploit the weaknesses I’m pointing out & steal my bike. Paranoid much?

Oh & I won a raffle! I got this cool shirt from Dero!

#walkbikeplaces #placemakingweek

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