Miles with Madi

I went on a ride with Madi yesterday!

We met up at the corner of the Ave & the BGT and headed west on the trail toward Lake Union. She showed me the new protected lane on 36th. When I rode to the market 2 weeks ago they hadn’t put the bollard up yet so it was cool to see this new connection!

I wonder what they do with the bollards during the market. I didn’t see them this past Sunday so maybe I wasn’t paying attention? Or maybe they’ve just shifted over since the street parking isn’t there during the market.

We headed over the Fremont Bridge & got to see the leftover pop-up bike lanes! The paint was still there from PARKing day on Friday. It would be nice to have them as a connection down to the Ship Canal Trail instead of the current 1/2 block of on-street parking. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to remove 3-4 spots (or maybe you would if you know anything about anything) in order to put a protected lane in here.

We rode along the newly-finished West Lake protected lane. It was nice & smooth but the curb was low (good for bikes trying to get up, but BAD if a driver has gas/break confusion which is also shockingly (?) common) & without parking stops the parked cars hang over onto the trail. This would be an easy fix: install parking stops to prevent pulling up too close to the curb.

We stopped off at MOHAI for coffee at the cafe but alas, our early bird initiative was too over zealous & they weren’t open yet. So we headed over to City Center via the Mercer & 5th Street lanes, but not before posing with Mirall at the Allen Institute.

The Mercer lanes are so vibrantly green! Overkill but fun all the same. We popped over to the International Fountain & the Fountain of Creation before going to the food court. After coffee we rode Thomas to Harrison before heading over the railroad tracks to the Elliot Bay Trail. We had an amazing view! Plus the weather was gorgeous!

The trail was quiet but we did see some skateboarders with giant sticks rolling along. We got to see a large cruise ship & some airplane fuselages sitting on the train tracks (DO NOT HUMP).  After that I’m fuzzy but I think we rode through Ballmer Yard to Thorndyke/20th/Gilman (WHY DOES THIS ROAD HAVE SO MANY NAMES) until we turned back onto the Ship Canal Trail heading east. We backtracked over the Fremont Bridge to 36th then down to the BGT & back home!

Awesome! Thanks for riding with me Madi!

Action shot!

I made it up to 42nd again before walking which was positive. I’ve been feeling really nauseous for the past two weeks & a giant wave passed over me as I was coming up the hill so I called Mike to help me lock up my bike so I could head upstairs & lay down. I felt better after eating so I’m hoping it’s just a determined stomach bug.

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