eBikes are Mobility Tools

It bothers me when I see people disparaging ebikes as being for lazy people. I question whether these folks have ever ridden a bicycle while actually carrying anything on them. Have they ever ridden when they were under the weather? Or overheated and tired? I don’t think these people ride their bikes for transportation. Instead, they view ebikes as a lazy means of recreation, which is a false premise to base opinions on.

I have a cargo bike with bion-x e-assist. Bikey weighs 60 lbs or so without cargo, so she’s quite a hefty broad. She’s HARD to ride up big hills empty – let alone loaded down with cargo. I don’t know how people ride giant cargo bikes (with or without kids & cargo) without e-assist in Seattle.

I don’t ride my e-bike because I want to be lazy. I ride it because I want to get to my destination without getting aerobic exercise. I don’t believe that transportation should be a workout. I ride my bike to get places – not to work hard. And that doesn’t make me lazy.

We don’t own a car so we need mobility tools that are easy & convenient to use in order to get anywhere. Biking is easier for me than walking – especially when I’m carrying heavy items or things in a backpack.

I haven’t been feeling well lately & my ebike allows me to ride uphill without wanting to vomit. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Because I have a life to live & things to accomplish & this is the easiest way for me to do that.

Instead of writing off ebikes we need to understand that the people who use them aren’t any less a part of our cycling community than those who don’t. Instead of making everyone “work hard” let’s understand & appreciate that bicycles are a mobility tool first & foremost; their recreational value is one of marginal privilege.

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