When did it get so hard?

When did it get so hard to bike uphill from class?

It started out hard after being off the bike (or any physical activity) for 2 months but I thought it was getting easier. I thought I was making progress.

But lately I’ve struggled to ride those four blocks home. It’s only 4 blocks. It SHOULD be easy. But when I get to my building I’m out of breath & my chest is burning. Sometimes I feel nauseous or lightheaded.

How did it get so hard to ride home?

Well, my friends, it got so hard when I started riding for two. I didn’t think it would be so hard at the beginning. I thought I had a few months before it would be difficult to go about my daily routine but I’m learning to accept that growing a tiny human is a lot of work & I should appreciate everything my body is doing for me right now.

So yay! Exciting changes are afoot!

I’ll probably be taking Bikey out more than Creme in the near future in order to take the edge off some of those hills so if you see us out there – wave & say hi!

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