Holiday Tree by Bike

This week we biked over to pick up our holiday tree!

We usually get a tree from Whole Foods because they sell tabletop trees that come with stands. We only have 8 ornaments so a tabletop tree is pretty much all we can decorate.

Unfortunately our local Whole Foods here only had full-sized trees for sale.

Lisa recommended we head to Fred Myer so Mike called them up & they said they had plenty of trees!

Before we rode over I HAD to decorate Bikey by adding tinsel, and jingle bells from the dollar store. I also picked up some new battery powered lights to replace the dead ones I had on the basket. These lights are part solid/part blinky which gives it a nice effect. I wanted to add a giant glittery bow to the front of the basket but it hung down too low & bumped into the front tire so I tacked it up at home instead.

The closest Fed Myer is right off the Burke Gilman Trail which made for a very nice ride over. Upon arrival we didn’t see a great selection of tabletop trees but there was a 4′ tree that caught our eye! It was pretty full & we thought we could make enough space for it.

After choosing the tree we headed inside to find a tree stand and some extra tinsel to fill out our tree. Fred Myer is such a strange place! I thought it was a grocery store but it’s actually more like a Target.

When we headed back out after paying for the tree the guy seemed concerned about us putting it on the back of my bike. We strapped it down with 2 cargo nets & it seemed stable. We chose to put it sideways this year and it worked pretty well!

I bumped into a few bollards & fence posts along the way so we ended up stopping for an adjustment in front of Solsticio. When we got home it was still balanced perfectly so the adjustment must’ve done the trick!

We’ve got a few more cinnamon ornaments to bake before we’re done decorating the tree but we’re excited for our very first floor-sized tree!

Also here’s Tug as an elf!

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