Bike Workouts

I don’t bike for exercise. But it is a nice perk that my main mode of transportation is active (actually they’re all pretty active since we don’t drive).

I also don’t go to the gym. Because the gym is lame & I’d rather be doing pretty much anything other than standing an elliptical watching bad TV. Mike occasionally goes to the gym – but less to workout and more to give me some quiet time in the apartment to study.

But on Sunday we biked to the gym. Why you ask? We want a home/birth center birth & the number one reason women are transferred to the hospital: exhaustion. Labor is long & hard.

The other goal of going to the gym was to work on strengthening our (really mine – but Mike’s fun to look at while he works out) core. Pregnancy is hard on your core muscles – causing a split in your abdominal muscles as your belly grows. Strengthening these will hopefully make it easier to recover postpartum.

We biked to the far gym because the close one (only TWO BLOCKS AWAY) is just for residential students. I might be able to sneak in on the weekday but Mike has a special spouse pass that makes it obvious he’s not a student. The far gym is 1.5 miles away, all downhill on the way there & all uphill on the way back. Don’t do too many squats or you’ll never make it back alive.

There are plenty of covered bike racks but they’re the too-close-together staples UW loves, so I can only lock up on the outside edge of the rack. The front page of the IMA website is entirely dedicated to car parking & they even have an attendant directing traffic. So much for promoting a walkable & bikeable community. Also -riding up & down the LINK bridge is way easier because it’s ADA accessible unlike the bridge off the BGT closer to the IMA building. That bridge is partially closed for re-grading at the moment.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.44.42 PM.png
It’s comfortable to take Steven’s Lane (accessed by the law library) on the way downhill – then over the bridge at LINK
We spent about an hour exercising & then checked out the pool for possible future swimming workouts. Towels & daily locks are free so that’s a nice perk that increases my chance of swimming here. I weighed myself in the locker room & found out that I’ve LOST 7 pounds! I’m positive it’s broken & think I’m closer to having GAINED 2-3 pounds recently.

Then we headed upstairs for the REAL reason I wanted to head to the gym today – the smoothie bar. Turns out it wasn’t that great. It’s a Freshens – a chain that uses sherbet instead of yogurt for a truly sugar packed beverage. They also as a “booster” of unknown origin that makes it grainy. Save your money & make something at home.

And then we rode uphill on our return so I could take a delightful nap.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.49.04 PM.png
On the way back we ride through campus to avoid steep grades but it’s longer & more circuitous – plus it’s hard to do if it’s busy so avoid during class changes

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