Broken Toes and Biking Woes

I broke my 4th toe yesterday. I was carrying a hot bowl of soup & stubbed it against the coffee table. I knew it was broken right away because toes should not go in that direction.

It hurts way more than one might think for an injury so small. The bad news is: there’s nothing they can do. The good news is: there’s nothing they can do so don’t bother going to the doctor.

I straightened it out & taped it to the pinky toe. It’s like wearing toe socks. Horrible.

But the good news is I will have to bike more! Toes take forever to heal because they don’t get a ton of blood flow and you’re always using them, so biking will help keep weight off the injury site.

I guess that’s not a biking “woe” but the title rhymed so I’m sticking with it. SO HA!

Here’s a photo of creme in front of our holiday lights! Sound Transit does a nice job of changing up the artwork around the site & they added lights for some sparkle. Riding Creme this week has reminded me why she’s my “me” bike. COASTER BRAKES FTW!


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