Critical Lass to Candy Cane Lane

Yay holiday lights! Yay women centered bike rides! Yay combining the two!

I love holiday lights so so very much. They’re just so bright and happy! ‘Tis the season!

We met up at Fix Coffehouse in Greenlake & took the protected lanes up Ravenna. Then we turned left at the big intersection with all of the weirdly configured stop signs & headed right onto a contra flow lane. This led us to the bike/ped bridge & we headed up a rather steep & narrow hill, back down a steep & narrow hill (alley) & then up another hill to Candy Cane Lane. 

They do put on a great show here with all of the homes lit up & a giant display in the center island. We made 2 loops before dropping off food donations & retracing our route back to Greenlake. 

I won the unofficial costume competition!

After the ride we got tacos & warmed up our frozen toes. 

I should’ve worn my big fuzzy socks & winter mittens but I went with my festive elf socks & my toes froze! It was good in a way that I couldn’t feel them, because we did a lot of stopping & broken toe was not pleased about it. I’m left footed so I always stop with my right foot on the ground, which is currently not awesome. 

I must’ve forgotten to charge my light because it died halfway through. Mike met me at the taco place with my extra battery pack so I wouldn’t have to ride home in the dark (although it’s mostly well lit). He pointed out that I do ride at night almost everyday but I guess I figure it’s such a short ride that I never think to charge it. 

I got closed passed by 4 cars on the way to ride (in just 6 short blocks) so yay! One driver called me obnoxious. But don’t worry he got his parking spot right out front (there were 6 spots, but HURRY). This stretch of University Way is due for repaving in 2017 & I believe there are plans for a road diet & protected bike lanes. It can’t come soon enough. 

The ride was big – 25 or more people. But the biggest issue I had with it was that it wasn’t a women’s ride. I’ve shown up for these community rides before where 90% of participants are men even though it’s “open to all” & it’s such a different (and quite frankly unpleasant) ride. In this case there were only about 5 men but I seemed to get stuck riding near them & it was just a bummer. 

I don’t ride fast or go on training rides so maybe women there yell too, but on social rides my experience is that women often ride side by side & chat with the people around them. Not so with men. They yell. Constantly. CAR! STICK! POLE! GRATE! BIKE! PASSING! Bro. I see the bollard in the middle of the trail. It’s got reflective stickers & we’re going 8 miles an hour. Also the passing. The damn passing. It’s a social ride. Not a race. 

Men get to go everywhere & feel comfortable. The world is their oyster. It has been their legal domain forever. Like actually forever. So when women organize a women centric event you should stay home. I get not turning people away. We want to be friendly & welcoming (we are women after all). Women are constantly expected to alter their behavior to please men or adapt to men’s spaces – give us ONE ride of our own. 

One thought on “Critical Lass to Candy Cane Lane

  1. Amen. Now just so you know, there are other organizations in Seattle (Menstrual Monday, Ella Rides, and probably more…) that don’t operate under the umbrella of a large local bike club for the purpose of using their liability coverage on group rides and are therefore able to be more particular about who can attend ๐Ÿ™‚

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