Review: Coobie Women’s Comfort Bra

More biking while female problems.

Normally when I ride my bike I do so in my normal bra under my normal clothes and all is good and well. But recently my boobs have grown and have been very sore (thanks pregnancy hormones) so I looked into purchasing a bra without underwire to wear around the house.

I was lead to the Coobie – a softcup bra (there are cups & there are 2 distinct & removable pads) but had some reservations. My major fear was that it wouldn’t work. As a 32G I’ve accepted that I need underwire in order to be supported and comfortable, and to take the pressure off of my back.

Good news! It works! This bra was surprisingly supportive for wearing around the house & I was able to sleep in it to relieve some soreness.

Bad news! It’s not great for bumps. I wore it while riding on the Burke Gilman Trail in Fremont (SO MANY TREE ROOTS) and it was quite painful to go bumpbumpbumpbump.

Overall my review is positive but I would recommend bustier women stick with the underwire while riding if your route involves poorly paved areas.

You can buy it on Amazon or local maternity stores. I got mine at Village Maternity (in U Village) for the same price as Amazon (although not as many color choices).

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