UVillage Fanciness

I don’t go to University Village that often. It’s not far from us, it’s just too damn fancy. I don’t want any of the things they sell at the stores there. But I had to go to the dreaded Verizon store.

After #coffeeoutsideforher this week I headed to UVillage with Chris, who works at the Apple store there. It’s not a bad ride overall, it’s right off the Burke Gilman Trail. We headed down off the trail on Pend Orielle to wait at the light. A lovely truck had a grill decorated with a dead elf butt sticking out because it’s SUPER HILARIOUS to hit & kill people with vehicles. LAUGHING ALL THE WAY HAHAHA

I usually take the sidewalk for the one block here but we rode in the street this time. Chris stuck a bit too close to the gutter for my tastes. But hey – I’m an east coaster & we take up a lot more space there.

It was pretty empty when we arrived around 10:15 & I locked up to the side of a rack near the Verizon store. There’s plenty of well spaced bike parking around but none of it’s covered & they’re all these short wave racks which are less than ideal.

After having my issue somewhat resolved I headed to find a bathroom at the QFC. I forgot that there are a million bathrooms all around the shopping center. Then I walked around the outside of the center & popped into Land of Nod – the Crate & Barrel kids store. Who pays $1,000 for a crib? Is that a real thing people are doing?

By this point I was starving. I grabbed a quick breakfast sandwich from the Starbucks next door although had I realized the center has three – yes THREE – Starbucks I wouldn’t have waited in such a long line & would’ve gone to a different one.

I kept wandering around for a while & checked out the new Amazon bookstore. Great bathrooms. Also they have a nice water bottle filler which was awesome! I like that they organize the store around recommendations – if you like X check out Y. It’s a nice option if you’re just stopping in to browse without a title in mind.

My last stop of the day was GAP. I wanted to see if they had any maternity wear or baby clothes on sale. People say they love shopping for baby clothes but I hate it. It’s so incredibly gendered & sexist & it makes me feel so icky. Boys & girls onesies can’t even hang next to each other! Every single item in the girl section was pink & covered with hearts & creepy sayings. And the frills. I’ve never washed poopy onesies before but I imagine ruffles can’t be easy to get clean. Boys clothes had so many more options but they were also weirdly gendered. Baby jeans (0-3 months) listed as “boys jeans”. Why? What makes them boys jeans? There were no girls jeans.

I did manage to find this one cute thing under a pile of unrelated items so I had to buy it. I wish they had it in a smaller size since it only goes up to 12 lbs (& Mike weighed 10 at birth) but I couldn’t find more anywhere.

So I bundled up & headed back home only to find myself overheating. By the time I was half-way home I had stripped down to just my vest & scarf – no mittens or hat. I guess it is all uphill but with it only being 35 I figured I’d be chilly.

And only 2 more hours on the phone with Verizon & I’ve solved 85% of my problem. So mission pretty much accomplished!

One thought on “UVillage Fanciness

  1. Shopping for my youngest is so difficult because she does not like shirts that are pink, glittery, or have foolish sayings. She also does not want shirts that are labeled for boys. She was in tears shopping for school last year 😦

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