Baby on a Bike

I rode up until 40 weeks of pregnancy – right up until the day before I went into labor. So obviously I love riding my bike. It gives me a sense of freedom and control to be able to go where I want, when I want. Walking is too slow. Taking the bus requires too much planning. I can just hop on my bike and go! Not to mention all of the things I can carry!

But it wasn’t as easy getting on the bike with baby as I thought it would be. I was nervous about riding too fast; nervous about him bouncing too much. But most importantly I was nervous about what other people would say. Am I a bad parent for riding with my baby? 

I thought I would have more confidence and less doubt about my choices. So for now we’ll stay close to home and probably focus on rides we can do with Papa Bear along for support. 

I dream of living in the Netherlands where one can ride without worry. Now that would be freedom. 

3 thoughts on “Baby on a Bike

  1. Hi Lindsey! Stumbled across you on Twitter and have enjoyed reading about your adventures by bike, especially with the little one. I had a baby in October 2017 (and biked up to week 37 of pregnancy), so I’m going through some similar things at the moment. We live in ATL, so our bicycle infrastructure is still a work in progress.

    Question about your trailer setup, because I’ve seen that you often use a trailer for bringing baby along on your adventures. How do you secure him in there? And at what age did you begin putting him in without a child seat? I’m less worried about biking on the road, more worried about the bouncing. We have a Thule trailer that seems to work really well, and we brought out our son (at 7 months old) for some smooth trail riding this past weekend, but I’m now thinking of how things might go on bumpier streets. Would love your opinion on how your thinking on biking with baby has evolved!

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    1. We have him in a car seat that’s strapped in using the lap belt strap function of a bucket seat. I don’t typically worry about bouncing – driving in a car you’re probably looking at the same or more in terms of force. I tend to ride slowly & dodge on really bumpy sections – mostly for my own comfort! When he grows out of the bucket seat I’m not sure if we’ll use a convertible one – mostly for nap purposes. We rolled up the webbing for seats & it’s secured on the top bar – this left room for us to secure the car seat at its most reclined position.


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