Big Weeks & Little Weeks

I don’t ride when Mike is out of town. It’s hard to get up the energy to take care of everyone AND ride to the places we need to go. He’s been gone a lot recently so we’ve done a lot of bussing and walking.

But we have been participating in #errandonnee (although we’ve got a stomach bug & probably won’t finish) so here’s our current score card:

School/work: took baby H to toddler gym to distract him from teething. It failed miserably. He cried the whole time. People really hate crying babies and they act like you’re murdering them when they cry as you ride by.

Total miles: 5

Store: hit up Indoor Sun Shoppee and Theo for a new plant baby and some chocolate. Last time I was at Theo I forgot my wallet (no, they don’t take diapers as payment) so I made sure to bring it this time.

Non-store errand: stopped off at Free Range for some bike advice and also so he could tighten up my rear wheel. Mike has a habit of under wrenching on the rear wheel after he changes a flat or moves the trailer hitch around. We also slid my seat back further on the rails so I’d have more space in between me and the baby seat. I still can’t straddle the bike while both feet are on the ground-but it’s better.

Total miles: 7

Peaceful everyday actions: organized a quick #coffeeoutsideforher as a way to hang out with friends and talk about fun things. A nice way to keep it positive. Plus I got to test out the bio light for myself (Mike is usually on stove duty). I used too much fuel and needed more starter chips. Oh well. Now I know for next time!

Store: stopped by Ascent in Ballard to see about a used camping pad for baby H. They didn’t have any but we pet some cute dogs & I got to change a diaper blow out in the dressing rooms so that was fun!

Total miles: 15

Non-store errand: we technically rode to a store but we did have an outdoor picnic and I was testing out some gear so I’ll leave it up to you if it’s breaking the rules – rode to REI to test out hiking packs and left with a new lighter weight sleeping bag that still fits baby H & I (together 🙄), a pair of shoes for Mike, and a few other odds and ends. The large Swift pannier worked fine on the front rack although it was wonky riding with only one bag.

Total miles: 13

Social call: took baby H out for a blustery ride to the arboretum for a social call (for me, but also there was another baby for him).

Non-store errand: we also hit up the library on our way home for some crawling on and licking of the floor. Yay!

Total miles: 6

You carried what: my flat, skewer-less rear wheel. Womp womp. Someone broke into our building and stole our trailer (which is making me realize just how attached I was to it!) and for reasons unknown to anyone ever, flatted my tire and stole the skewer from the back wheel (but not the locking nut) among other things. So it was technically unridable but I’m going to count this walk as an errand. In addition to the fixes I got her some colorful replacement water bottle cages and a new headset piece. They’re making me happy.

Personal care: riding the bike home from the shop. The rear wheel is a bit squeaky but I’m hoping it’s just a bit over tightened and will loosen up with our planned rides tomorrow. It was a quick jaunt as I was cutting it close to baby bedtime but still good to have her in working order once again.

Total miles: 4

Arts & entertainment: baby entertainment that is! We rode to an egg/beer hunt with friends! A pit stop at the park for swings while we waited for the rest of our bike parade to arrive, followed by a fun 80 block ride to a friends house. Older kiddos his eggs for small kids and adults hid beers for each other. Neither of the babies in attendance wanted to crawl so they just sat on a picnic blanket & watched the bigger kids run around. It was great!

Total miles: 15

Personal care: moon worshiping with friends! We rode west towards the beach with a stop off at Fred Meyer for firewood. Upon arrival we found all the fire pits in use, with several unsanctioned ones burning outside the official rings. So we made friends with some lawbreakers and took over their fire when they left. It was lovely. We rode back after midnight but I’m going to count all the mileage since it started within the timeframe.

Total miles: 15

Lookie! We finished! 12 errands over 12 days for a total of 80 miles! Impressive!

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