#30daysofbiking 1-7

April is #30daysofbiking month so here’s a weekly digest of our rides.

Sunday, April 1: I rode home from the Full Moon Ride at Golden Gardens with friends at 12:30 am. What a fun way to start the month!

Total miles: 7

Monday, April 2: all packed up and ready for Portland! This was Mikes first ride with the front baby seat and he made it about 100 yards before almost crashing. But he recovered (with the help of a concerned construction worker) and we made it to the light rail without further incident.

We spent the train ride in the observation car and collected the bikes on arrival. We opted to check our bags this time so we wouldn’t have to carry a lot of stuff. The baggage car on the Coast Starlight is about 1/3 mile from the coach seats so not having to schlep everything down and bag is a plus. And since we have to wait for the bikes anyways, bag check doesn’t add any wait time in this direction.

Madi met us at the train station with Pixie and baby H fell in love with his new cat loving bestie. After picking the boys up from school we rode to grab dinner at a Mexican place close by.

Total miles: 15

Tuesday, April 3: the day started with a trip to Woodstock for coffee and snack purchasing. After that we rode to a cafe to meet up with Kath. Baby H had rejected his morning nap so I nursed him to sleep while we hung out. Then we headed out for an adventurous day of riding up Mt Tabor! Up and up and up! I carried baby on the way up to the top where we made coffee and ate snacks. This park had the cleanest and most well lit bathrooms I’ve ever seen!

Mike carried H back down the hill and over to pick up the boys from school. Back at home we took a quick nap before Mike and Madi headed out to pick up some PokPok for dinner. We spent the rest of the night in a food coma while planning our epic Wednesday adventures.

Wednesday, April 4: was epic! We started off with a baby nap! Woo! Our journey took us to NE Portland, because Seattlites must find all the hills.

First up was Velo Cult for mural photos and a quick peek inside, followed by a ride to Cat 6 Cycles to meet Steve the 6 toed cat. Then we popped into Gladys Bikes for lunch recommendations, hit up some delicious texmex, and back to Gladys for the real errand of the day: saddle library time!

We chatted about butts and vulvas and then she had me test out 3 saddles: a harder one, a padded one, and padded one with the cutout. I got lost each time I rode around – but did find some great gravel roadways for adequate testing. In the end my butt and my buttget aligned! I got the MTB Kona (it’s so shiny) which is wider and shorter than the stock MTB 135 saddle that came with the Surly.

For our next stop we headed to NortherCycles for a photo with the unicorn rack! ๐Ÿฆ„

And then on to Microcosm so I could get a new Unapologetic Feminist sticker (which now comes in pink)!

Madi had to get the boys but baby H needed to nurse and take a nap so she dropped us at Clever Cycles. While I fed the baby Mike test rode a few bikes. H was woken by a cacophony of bells and wanted to join in on the fun. I bought a new Qi bell for the Surly – I think it’s the only bell that’s wide enough for my .38mm handle bars. It blends in so well that I keep forgetting it’s there!

We started heading back to Madi’s and we met her en route! Visiting Portland so often is really paying off in terms of finding our way.

When we got home we saw that Mike had broken a spoke! I had asked if he had a broken spoke that morning (but it wasn’t) so I must’ve jinxed it! The closest bike shop was willing to stay open an extra 5 minutes to make the fix and he grabbed dinner for us on the way home.

And as a bonus ride we hit up a bar for drinks while he stayed home with the kiddos! I borrowed the Brompton! It was fun! But squirrelly! Bromptons can be customized a lot so each one is so different! I didn’t figure out shifting but luckily we were only on flat ground.

Thursday, April 5: to the train station we go! And then Madi got a flat. Womp womp. It’s the curse of Lindsey. She insisted that we leave her and continue on towards the train.

We made it to donuts without getting lost and met up with Kath! Upon leaving we split up, I headed to the train station to check our bags, and Mike followed Kath to a bakery to buy sandwiches for lunch. The person at the bag check gave me some side eye about my bike and wouldn’t give me a tag for Mike’s bike without seeing it. Seating was first come first serve and we ended up getting a bank of 4 to ourselves, despite having to wait for the baggage handlers to hang our bikes.

Despite the rain we decided to ride home taking the semi circuitous route (because I don’t yet know a safe downtown route) along the water and then up to Seattle Center before heading home via Westlake and the Burke. I even rode into the fountain (because I was already wet)!

Friday, April 6: was a bigger day than planned! In the morning I took the Bakfiets up to Greenwood to meet up with a friend who was renting a bakfiets of her own! We headed north on the Interurban so she could test ride and get a feel for hills on a quiet stretch. After hitting up Kidd Valley on 143rd we headed back south so she could grab her kids from school.

Baby H & I headed home, but not for too long! After a short nap we got gussied up for date night! We rode back up to Greenwood to drop baby at our friends house where we played bike tag. Mike grabbed the Metrofiets and left the bakfiets. After drinks and wings we headed back to grab baby and swap the bikes back for our ride home.

Saturday, April 7: was raining. Like real rain. Originally I was supposed to go pick up a trailer (to temporarily replace our stolen one) but baby wanted to nurse all morning so I sent Mike off to grab it. We’ll need to order a special skewer hitch so that it’ll work with disc brakes, but once that’s in I’m hoping to get it set up with the car seat.

But I still had to get out and ride! After some time getting our wiggles out I strapped H into the front seat on Creme and headed down to Recycled Cycles. After searching through the used bins & not finding anything for new projects I left with a new chain lock. Hopefully this one will last longer than the old one. Of course it was raining when we headed home.

What’s 30 days of biking if it doesn’t rain?

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