#30daysofbiking 8-14

Sunday, April 8: Emerald City Ride! The last chance to ride over the viaduct before they tear it down!

My dad was in town riding Mikes bike, but he was getting a ride to the start. I left home at 5:15 to ride over with Jen on her NEW metrofiets! I had somehow forgotten to register myself so had to take care of that first. Our way downtown was wet, dark, and we found out that the newspaper delivery guy drives in the Westlake cycle track 🤷🏽‍♀️

Once everyone was there & registered we were off! With many stops for photos of course. We lost my dad on the I-5 express lanes but caught up with him at the finish. With frozen toes we opted to leave Jen and take the train home.

Total miles: 23

Monday, April 9: was a beautiful sunny day for a bikeabout! Baby H & I rode to the arboretum for some park hangs with a friend, then off we went to Fred Meyer. After loading up on managers special meat we hit the park for a picnic. Baby H still hasn’t figured out how to sleep in the front seat but we’re working on it.

Total miles:12

Tuesday, April 10: was wet. And I almost didn’t ride to meet people at the zoo. H was napping, and with the trailer gone I’d have to drag the bakfiets up the hill. There would be walking. And rain.

But then baby woke up & off we went! To the zoo! It didn’t rain much. I had to push it up several large hills at the end. But we still beat our time estimate by 15 minutes! Fast is forever.

Then after the zoo baby was resisting a nap so we stopped off at the playground for some swing time. And a bold squirrel jumped in the box! When I confronted it, they hissed at me! Eventually I shooed it out & we went on our merry way.

Alas, our merry way was down Roosevelt where we were stymied by several people driving and parking in the bike lanes (despite more than adequate freely available parking mere inches away). Chips achieved, we biked the wrong way for half a block up Roosevelt (mostly because I pushed forward too hard while putting up the kickstand & couldn’t get back up on the sidewalk) before heading along 47th and down, allowing us to avoid construction detours and extraneous hills.

Total miles: 9

Wednesday, April 11: cold, cold, cold rain. After a beautiful morning we headed out in the freezing cold rain to a doctors appointment. We were planning to ride there before heading to dinner in Ballard. But it was too cold so we rode home and changed out of our wet clothes and took the bus. My feet thanked me.

Total miles: 14

Thursday, April 12: more cold rain. By the time the sun came out in the afternoon I was headed to a meeting to talk about bikes. It ran late so my ride consisted of up and down the block on a slightly broken, ill-fitting bike. I’ll note that whoever designed it clearly never rode it because the extreme toe overlap made it so my feet touched the wheel when I wasn’t even turning!

Total miles: .25

Friday, April 13: rode to a weekly appointment that I never ride to. When we came out the baby seat had been crushed under a car bumper. I was very upset. Mike picked up baby H & brought him home while I followed behind a bit later. I love the versatility of the seat but don’t think I’ll replace it with the same model due to concerns I have about the damage.

Total miles: 3.5

Saturday, April 14: after the baby seat destruction of Friday I was feeling sad & vulnerable. But I still wanted to complete #30daysofbiking because I’ve never been able to before! So I had Mike put a front seat on the Surly to test it out. I can reach okay but the seat jams up against my boobs. I think baby would have no room for his head! So just a quick trip to Trader Joe’s in the pouring rain. But hey, I didn’t break any eggs!

Total miles: 1

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