#30daysofbiking 15-21!

Sunday, April 15: after the bad bike juju of this year a friend suggested that we bless the bikes. So we met up at Gas Works & cast some magick spells! We started off with a salt circle, then charged up some crystals with positive bike energy, and the burned sage and palo alto while reciting a spell I modified (a car protection spell) for bikes. It was fun and made me smile!

Afterwards we rode to Peddler for beers and then to Ascent for a new camping pad. Hoping to take baby H camping this week but šŸ¤ž it warms up a bit!

Total miles: 15

Monday, April 16: was raining and COLD. Like January cold. My quick ride down to an appointment was all I needed to turn me off of camping and make me never want to leave home again. I didn’t take a picture because it was also raining.

Total miles: 1.5

Tuesday, April 17: was sunny! Plans to bike to yoga were derailed with the baby napped for 2 hours so instead we headed out for an afternoon adventure! First to the plant store for some new pottery, then to PCC for flour.

Total miles: 7

Wednesday, April 18: was sunny! And slightly warmer! But of course I had to wait around all day for my bread to rise so no fun adventures for us. But I made it out to the mailbox and then hit a cafe for some cookies.

Total miles: 1

Thursday, April 19: started off iffy. Our bike room locks were be upgraded but they forgot to give out the new keys! Eventually we got in and off we went to G&O! Afterwards we took the long way home through Ballard and stopped off at the herb store. It was sunny

Total miles: 12

Friday, April 20: was another slow start. As we drop down to 2 naps it’s hard to leave the house if we don’t get going by 9. After that we’re trapped until 12! We made toddler friends at Met Market then rode to Lake Forest because a mama never interrupts a nap when she can help it! On the way home we stopped at the park for wiggles. I’m now the proud owner of very sandy shoes.

Total miles: 23

Saturday, April 21: alone time! Grocery shopping alone time! I took the bakfiets out to run a few errands and buy many many groceries at several different grocery stores. I could’ve fit the baby in with everything but it was so much nicer to be alone. I didn’t even forget anything on my list and I only made 2 impulse purchases! Win!

Total miles: 10

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