#30daysofbiking 22-30!

More #30daysofbiking!

Sunday, April 22: Earth Day! We went to the kidical mass from MOHAI to Discovery Park then we ventured through the Locks and stopped at Peddler for beers on the way home.

Total miles: 22

Monday, April 23: was supposed to be a trip to the baby story time at the library with another stop at the park. But H was asleep when we got to the park and I forgot when my appointment was so we had to skip story time and rush off to Eastlake. Turns out that I was faster than I thought, and my appoint was an hour later than I had in my calendar. So more park hangs and iced coffee to make up for it. But it was a three nap day so winning!

Total miles: 16

Tuesday, April 24: woo! Low mileage but much up and down climbing. After picking up some nursing supplies from a friend in Wallingford we hit Meridian Park. H fell asleep a block before we got there so I hung out for about an hour πŸ™Œ before he woke up. After eating lunch and playing we headed to Kids on 45th for shopping. New bath toys in hand we rode downhill to the Burke and over to campus. We showed a friend out super secret (really just convoluted) way of avoiding all of the random staircases on campus, then hung out with them at the park before they had to run. Afterwards we swung by Trader Joe’s for some unexpected groceries and then home for a much needed bath. *I burned to a crisp despite sunscreen so any sunscreen recommendations are welcome!

Total miles: 10

Wednesday, April 24: was hot and hilly! Up up up we climbed to a park with a water tower. That should prove to you just how hilly it is! And I got us to climb an extra super graded block uphill so we could have a better view of Mt. Rainier. Just kidding! I didn’t realize that we could get to the playground from the lower side of the park πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ then off downhill to a meeting right near home. I only showed up to the wrong place again! This time also involved an extraneous uphill section. Ahh well.

Total miles: 5

Thursday, April 26: off to the mall! Granted it’s an outdoor mall & much of our time was spent playing in a fountain, but it was still a mall. #safetypizza lady made her big debut! After the mall I passed the bike off to Mike near home so I could pack while he biked the baby to the store.

Total miles: 4

Friday, April 27: was a quickie! At 4:20 am I grabbed a LimeE bike & rode down to the light rail. I didn’t get to test it’s uphill zippiness but it was fun anyways.

Total miles: 1

Saturday, April 28: I rode a stationary bike at my suburban NJ hotel because I didn’t have access to an outdoor one. Recumbents are weird.

Total miles: 1

Sunday, April 29: same recumbent ride.

Total miles: 1

Monday, April 30: for my final day of #30daysofbiking I took a LimeBike back up the hill from the light rail. Not a LimeE but it was good to be home anyways!

Total miles: 1

And now we go on to #bikeeverywhere month! Woo for more biking!

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