I’m Lindsey and I love riding my bike!

I was a late bloomer in terms of biking. I remember being teased by a 4 year old while riding my bike with training wheels when I was 10. I finally learned how to ride a bike by myself when I was 12. I loved it! I’d ride to school and out with my friends. I usually rode on the sidewalks or side streets though, because I lived in a very suburban, highway oriented city.

My Dad wanted me to bring a bike to college but I thought bikes were nerdy so I ended up walking or taking the bus everywhere.

When I graduated I moved to the DC area but I ended up in an extremely suburban area. I did the 90 minute, 13 mile commute each way for a few months before I was totally disillusioned. I bought a cheap bike on Craigslist but when I tried to ride it around town I truly feared for my life. So I took it to the woods and rode around – but I still had to drive to the woods!

After finding a new job I moved to an urban area and started biking on the weekends for transportation and recreation. I still drove to work, but that all changed after my position was eliminated and I was laid off.

I decided that my job search would focus on more urban places and I ended up with a job right downtown, only a few miles from home. I started bike commuting because it was cheaper than Metro and more reliable! It also helped that I lived on a bus line, so I could ride in (downhill) and then take the bus home (uphill).

I eventually sold my car when I realized that I hadn’t driven it in so long that the battery had died! My bike is now my main mode of transportation and I love it!

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