Errandonnee 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time for #errandonnee! If you’re not familiar with the social media phenomenon, it’s a friendly way to encourage people to ride around town & get stuff done. It’s hosted by Mary over at Chasing Mailboxes.

I’ve participated for the past 3 years but I’ve never actually completed a score card (much like #coffeeneuring). Mostly because I’m lazy and also because I’m not a fan of patches (GASP). I like stickers more. Less work. More sticky. But I love running errands on my bike so here’s my informal participation:


#1: Personal Care – lil nug wanted McDonald’s so lil nug got some McDonald’s. Unfortunately there’s no bike rack but I locked up to the fencing around the drive through. At only 1 block off the BGT I will totally be back as more cravings arise.

#2: Store – next I headed over to University Village to pick up some stuff for around the house. I found a sale on storage bins to help organize our cloffice (office/closet). I also found a cute air plant at Ravenna Gardens to put in a sculpture that I made. Next it was time to go to the Amazon bookstore (because they have the nicest bathrooms) to look around. I popped over to PaperSource to get some cards & envelopes and then got a GIANT ice cream cone at Molly Moons. It had been spitting out so I found some covered bike parking at QFC while I picked up some more strawberries. I also stopped by GAP & found a good deal on these super cute baby leggings (I have a problem, I know).

#3: Store – back to University Village! I only bought flat cards – not flat cards & envelopes at PaperSource & the sale was ending that day so I quickly headed back out on my bike to make the switch.


#4: Personal Business – I took Bikey over to G & O to talk about changing up the handlebar situation. We’re going to add a stem riser to make the bike even more upright and give a bit more clearance for the baby carrier.

Grass is just a toupee for mud puddles

#5: Personal Care – on the way home from G & O I had a nap attack. The kind where you feel like you MUST LAY DOWN & SLEEP or you will die. It was hard to make it home. Lil nug kicked me anytime we stopped for a red light or when he determined that I was pedaling too slowly. All I wanted was to sleep. But then we passed Xi’an Noodles & I had a sudden craving for their cumin beef “burger” & I knew that I had to stop & grab one to go. So I locked up to the patio rack of the place next door & managed to snooze a bit while waiting in line. Win!

I thought about riding to my midwife’s appointment later in the afternoon but decided that I was far too tired & we took the bus instead.

Errandonnee #8-10

Ahh the first day of 70+ weather. It’s always a fun day filled with wonder. Of course next week it’ll be back to normal so we best enjoy it while it lasts!

Errandonnee 8-10

  • Type: wild-card (checked out the pop up vendors at the bike summit), arts & entertainment (presentation on bikes) & personal business (handing out fliers for my art show)
  • Distance: 11 miles
  • Observation: today was beautiful!

The coolest part of the night happened on my way home. I was heading downhill at about 24mph when I hit a raised grate edge. I slammed on my brakes after catching some air & my cup flew out of my cup holder. AND THEN I CAUGHT IT IN MY BASKET. 



Errandonnee #3-7

Multiple errandonnee in one trip is the best. It’s bike utility & transportation at its very finest. 

Errandonnee 3-7

  • Type: personal business (selling clothes at the consignment store), social call (coffee & muffins at Java Shack), store (dog food at Wylie Wag) & non-store errand (dog park)
  • Total miles: 4
  • Observation: there’s A LOT of construction debris in Clarendon/Courthouse right now

That’s the after shot with the bikes loaded down with groceries that Mike picked up while I frolicked with the pups at the park. 

Unfortunately he blew 2 spokes today making his “you carried WHAT” entry unpleasantly excited. We think the dog trailer pulling yesterday contributed.

Errandonnee #2

My second errandonnee was a joint outing with my partner for date night!

We rode to Crystal City for dinner & ice skating. 

  • Type: arts & entertainment 
  • Distance: 11ish miles 
  • Observation: the MVT is beautifully empty just before sunset. 

I think I was slightly under dressed for the weather. 30-50 is so hard to dress for! 


Errandonnee #1

Here we go again with the errandonnee challenge! The idea of the challenge is to run errands with your bike over a 12 day period. This year the challenge is from March 4-15.

You can find out how to enter HERE

For my first errandonnee I rode to Friday Coffee Club. 

  • Type: social call
  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Observation: it sucks when the Secret Service closes off the White House link unexpectedly.

The ride in was quite beautiful with a lovely dusting of snow on the trees. I was very excited that it was only a dusting.