A Day at Discovery Park

Not too long ago I didn’t think it was possible to ride to Discovery Park. When I was 37 weeks pregnant I accepted the (self-imposed) challenge & rode over. And then down to the beach. And on the way back up (mostly walking) I thought to myself: if I can make it up this hill, I can totally give birth. I was pretty sure I’d give birth on that hill, I was having so many contractions!

On the way home I noticed new markings indicating a change in the bike lane. And while recovering from birthing H they did it! They made a protected bike lane from the end of the Ship Canal Trail to Magnolia Town Center (about 4 blocks away).

We had ridden over last month for a family picnic and hike and it was glorious (minus those last 4 blocks – WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME SEATTLE?!)!

So we were back! And I was determined to find a way up to the bluffs where there’s a big sandy patch perfect for exploring. We made it with only minimal breaking of the no riding on trails rules and I think I figured out how to go next time to avoid that issue. I’ll post the route once I confirm.

The day was clear and the Olympics were out! We spent about 40 minutes shoveling sand into our mouth before I packed us up and headed for the playground.

The playground squirrels are bold! One climbed into the bike trailer while we were on the swings.

The protected lanes worked well except when we had to turn from Gilman onto Emerson. I signaled our turn too adamantly & ended up biking into the soft bollard in the middle of the lane, where my toe got caught underneath it! I thought I was going to have to take off my shoe! After several awkward minutes of jiggling my foot I was free! And we made our way home without further incident.

Yay for safe infrastructure!

Chirping Fenders

After spending far more time than I’d like to admit reading Madi’s old blog posts about her fantastic adventures I was itching to get out of the house!

I was very interested camping on Bainbridge Island but Mike said NO. He thought it would be too far for me (and him plus dogs) to ride comfortably & was worried about the heat. So instead we shall sweat in our own place instead of outdoors.

I decided to head out after lunch on a little mini adventure of my own! I planned to take Bikey on her inaugural Seattle ride to Green Lake Park with the possibility of continuing further west to G&O Cyclery in Greenwood.

I took the Ave to Ravenna where I hoped in the nice & wide protected lanes. The Ave is relatively narrow south of 50th & has sharrows with parking on both sides. Several buses use this route & it has a number of mid-block crosswalks. There’s a lot of pedestrian traffic. The driver in the car behind me kept revving their engine so I pedaled fast to run a hanging yellow. This apparently made them even more angry & they honked at me. But hey! I got to ride the whole next block alone!

The Ave between 50th & Ravenna is weirdly wide with angle parking & a sharrows going north. The pavement sucks but it looks like they’re setting up to re-pave. Maybe they’ll add a bike lane too?

Ravenna has lovely wide, protected lanes that are covered by a number of shade trees. It runs along the left side, against a wide tree-filled median. I didn’t enjoy the numerous stop sign intersections, as a few of them were wonky with 5-6 feeders. I rode very slowly & didn’t have any issues.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.32.10 PM
via Google Maps

Green Lake Park is amazing! It’s an Olmsted park & it’s everything a park should be! Large shade trees interspersed with grassy areas for play, numerous benches, two sand beaches, tennis & basketball courts & a wading pool for kids. You can rent boats & buy popsicles & coffee from the store. They even have real bathrooms! It reminded me of Vondelpark in Amsterdam.


The trail runs along the lake with wheeled conveyances traveling on the outside and people walking and running on the inside. It’s supposed to be one-way for people biking but I saw plenty of people riding against the flow.

It’s quite crowded & plenty of folks didn’t seem to realize there was a specific lane for bikes. It’s a nice place for a relaxing ride but you definitely have to go slow & watch for toddlers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.29.28 PM
via Google Maps

After passing the beach on the west side of the park I headed up 77th toward G&O. And yes, I mean up! So glad I have the e-assist because otherwise I would not have made it. It’s a nice neighborhood greenway with roundabouts but it does cross some busy roads.

Once I got to G&O I asked them to take a look at my chirping fenders. The mechanic looked at me like I was crazy when I said it but Tyler popped over to check them out. He was able to bend one of the stays but says they’re coming up on replacement soon. The front one was bent in shipping so we’re going to try to heat it up with a hairdryer & bend it back into place (YAY PLASTIC). I also swapped my quick release seat collar for a hex collar.

I headed back downhill (YES YES YES) to the park & continued to ride around back towards Ravenna. Mike met me by the beach on the east side & we tested out the water for when we come back tomorrow!

By this point I was more than ready to be off the bike so we headed home, riding side-by-side down Ravenna.