A Secret Affair

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. Absolutely beautiful.

And I had a secret errand to run. Actually, let’s rewind. Don’t worry. Mike doesn’t read my blog because his work classifies it as pornography (thanks US government).

Last Wednesday I took an art class. Except it wasn’t the nude drawing class I told Mike it was. It was a different kind of art class. The stripping kind. It was a burlesque class! And it was SO MUCH FUN. I was worried that I would be intimidated but NO! I’d recommend it to anyone (man or woman) who is looking to gain body confidence. There’s nothing better than stripping out of an ugly vintage nighty to make you feel AWESOME. This is not a joke.

So now back to my errand! I rode to Fremont to pick up some red fabric. In the How to Strip for your Lover class we learned that red fabric draped over lamps makes for nice mood lighting. So I was on the hunt. Actually I wasn’t really hunting, as I’ve previously ridden by District Fabric & was pretty positive they would have what I needed. But it sounds good so I’ll just leave it there for you.

Since it was Sunday I locked up at the market to take a look around. I noticed signs that said it was a protected bike lane there on 35th but I didn’t see any protection. There was a painted buffer but that’s it. Does anyone know? Do they take it out for the market?

While I was at the market I saw a booth with these super awesome hats for babies that look like nipples & are amazing. Pregnant friends, you know what you’re getting for your baby showers, wish lists be damned.

I walked the 2 blocks to the fabric store because I don’t see the point in riding UP HILL for such a short distance & going through the hassle of locking up only to ride right back down again. Actually riding down sounds fun. Next time.

On my way home I made it up an extra block for the first time ever! Which means I only had to walk one block! Granted, I did get a break at Campus Parkway with the long red light so I could catch my breath. Then I almost got hit by a woman making an illegal u-turn. But another driver honked at her & pointed to me so at least SOMEONE was paying attention. I saw her doing something weird so I had already slowed down (JK no I was riding up hill & that’s just my pace). Win some, lose some I guess.


 Today I head to Vancouver for Pro-Bike/Pro-Walk/Pro-Place. Let me know if you’re going! I’ll have the cute polka-dot shoes! 

Also, shop local. This store is super cute.

Riding the Missing Link to the Lost Cities

When did people who like to play board games become nerds?

Personally I’d rather play board games with my partner than watch any of the 8 channels we have on TV. It’s way more interesting. Plus, as a competitive person I’m always itching to WIN.

Also, on our new grad-student/1 income budget we’re always looking for cheap entertainment. Modern board games offer up a good value for a limited investment. As such we’ve decided to spend our anniversary budget on a few new games & a night at home with delicious take out & cheap champagne.

A few weeks ago @nospandexrequired suggested I check out Card Kingdom over in Ballard. So on Saturday we decided to ride over & check it out.

But first we headed to Whole Foods to grab some more toothpaste & then onto Trader Joe’s for coffee. I love the new lanes on Roosevelt! Alas, they haven’t finished paving south of 45th, so we popped over to 12th to avoid all of the bumpiness & dust. From there we rode down the hill to the BGT and then headed west. The line at Fremont Brewery was around the block at 11:15! They must’ve been having some kind of event.

I was riding pretty fast until we passed the Google Steps. I’ve been a little sore lately & the pavement around Google is pretty bumpy. Each bump was painful but luckily the pavement smoothed out for a bit further down the trail.

This was Mike’s first trip west of Gas Works so I was OH SO EXCITED to show off the missing link! WOO! But we only rode on it for a block before turning onto Ballard & then up one block to the shop.

Bike parking was great! Wave racks, but partially covered by the overhang & right by the door. By the time we left around 1:30 the racks were full! I also liked that we could see the bikes from where we sat outside at the cafe.

The store was huge! It was also really light & airy, especially compared to other shops I’ve been in that are more focused on role-playing games. They have a massive selection & a ton of space to play a game & try it out before you buy. We opted to grab lunch in the cafe while playing Lost Cities.

On our way back home we stopped at Gas Works to check out the view from Kite Hill. Beautiful as always!

Also I found these super cute shoes at the thrift store on Friday & I just HAD to wear them.

Creme Bikeaversary

Today is my Bikeaversary with Creme!

I was on the fence about purchasing her, because as a three-speed I didn’t know how much use I would get out of her. I didn’t want such a beautiful bike to languish & gather dust in storage.

BUT DO NOT FEAR. She has not languished. She has THRIVED. I love Creme. It’s amazing how freeing it is to ride such a simple bike. I love the coaster brakes & how natural they feel. I love that the shifty is easy. That the pedaling is smooth. I LOVE THIS BIKE.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride her today so instead here’s a montage of our love affair & hopefully she’ll forgive me!

My First Ride!

Back on the bike! I’ve been longing for the freedom biking gives me & this weekend I finally got a taste!

On Sunday we pulled out Creme for a quick spin around the block. I immediately noticed a wonkiness about her, and despite headset adjustments, we weren’t able to fix it. We walked her over the our local bike shop & got some bad news: the drop-out was bent.

We shipped our bikes here using bikeflights, but I would NOT recommend shipping with them if you have other choices. All 3 boxes sustained significant damage & so far 2/3 bikes needed significant repairs. They did refund the shipping costs, and these have pretty much cover the cost of repairs.

Shop guy said the bike was safe to ride since it wasn’t bent due to a crash, but that I could go over to R+E to see if they’d be able to bend it back into place. I’m opting not to fix it for now & I’m sure I’ll just adjust to the new wonkiness over time & then probably never fix it (shhh).

After getting her checked out, we hit up Trader Joes & Safeway for groceries & I decided to ride back from Safeway. It’s a short ride – only 4 blocks, but it’s downhill so I figured it would be a good test run! It also let me carry our groceries and our new plant home!

I beat Mike home & then I did a few laps back & forth on our street while I waited. He must’ve been walking very slowly because I got tired of waiting & decided to loop down one more block and come back up the hill behind our building.

The uphill block was harder than I expected but it was pain free! A guy who lives in our building was super impressed with my bike (because she’s BEAUTIFUL DUH) and so we chatted about that for a few minutes. I must admit, I was a bit embarrassed about how out of breath I was after only a short ride!

I noticed some soreness on my sits-bones, but I was sitting very far back on the seat to avoid any compression of my lady-bits so I’m sure this contributed to the issue.

Do any of you have cut out saddles? My doctor recommended some but they all look so ugly (& let’s be honest, that’s what really matters) & too sporty for my bikes so I haven’t purchased one.

Review: Bikie Girl Bloomers

I’ve been buying the same compression shorts for 15 years. I started buying champion brand shorts when I signed up for lacrosse in the 6th grade. And I haven’t stopped. Even though I wasn’t happy with them. Crazy!

I heard about Bikie Girl Bloomers a few months ago and I’ve been agonizing over which pair to buy ever since! I was a bit skeptical about the price, especially since I’ve been buying $20 shorts for so long.

The problem with $20 shorts is that they ride up so much! I like to wear shorts under my skirts and dresses but I hate when they rub together and roll up. I’d spend all day just trying to discretely pull them down.

Last weekend I finally decided to order a pair of pettipants to try them out. I. LOVE. THEM. They’re cute, they fit well, and they’re so comfy. I will definitely be ordering a few more pairs. Now it’s just finding another pattern I like. Worth the $59 for sure.